Botanical Extracts

Jarvis Botanical Extracts are perfect for improving your product or range in a way that is natural, effective and cost-efficient.

Whether to fulfil or augment a function, evoke the spirit of a place, time, or emotion, or just serve as a line identifier, Jarvis will work with you to find the right extract every time. We have over forty years in the industry and are acknowledged authorities in the field of natural cosmetics.

Unlimited Possibilities

The potential to explore niche and trending markets is almost inexhaustible. Only the range of your imagination limits the type and blend of plants used to create your product or range.

We currently offer over 200 different stock extracts. This list is constantly monitored and adapted in response to changing worldwide trends of the exact make-up of plant species. It is the on-going development of bespoke extracts to satisfy the demands of clients in an ever-accelerating changing market that make Jarvis such a valuable resource.


Jarvis Cosmetic Developments offer uniquely developed botanical extracts to your specific requirements.

As demand for cosmetics produced for highly defined niche markets increases, there is a growing requirement for extracts of specific origin. This may be that plants come from a particular country, town or even specific field; giving marketing teams untold opportunities to promote the uniqueness of the product. Our research and buying teams work closely with farmers, growers and smallholders all over the world to be able to make such exciting propositions.

We can also make extracts from client’s own grown or commissioned crops. This really allows us to create something completely unique for them that will stand out in a crowded market.

We also ensure that Jarvis extracts are infinitely adaptable so if they’re used in a formula that changes, we can adapt the extract to suit, so your product is always viable.

If you’re interested in any of our botanical extracts and would like to make an enquiry, we ask that you get in touch.

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