About Jarvis

The laboratories and production facilities of Jarvis Cosmetic Developments have been creating premium skin care products for boutique, spa and independent brands since 1974. Four generations of the Jarvis family have worked in the industry, giving us the stability and providence that has made us a market leader.

Our success comes from ensuring every formula we create fully delivers the promise of the concept.

Our Heritage

Founded in 1974 by Peter Jarvis, a botanist, cosmetic chemist and acknowledged authority in the field of natural cosmetics, in response to the growing interest in naturally derived ingredients.

Our continual botanical studies have created extensive knowledge of properties, locations and extraction processes across plants, herbs, fruits and flowers from every continent. Apart from single plant extracts we also are skilled in producing highly specialised individually tailored blends.

All extracts are developed and manufactured in our facilities in Suffolk England, under rigorous GMP conditions and as such customers can remain assured that what we say is genuine is exactly that.


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