Botanical extract development is a fusion of proactive innovation and reactive initiative to satisfy your exact requirements.

Unique Extracts

The species of plant and preservation systems are generally specified as part of the brief. Following sourcing, we receive raw materials as whole plants, leaves, petals, stems, bark, roots, cut or a combination. This makes the base of every extract unique.

Our extract technical team then maximises the herbal equivalency of the extract by adapting process time, process equipment (filter plate or filter media) and solvent systems used such as aqueous, aqueous glycolic (propylene or glycerine), alcoholic and oil.

Our laboratory will evaluate the compatibility of the preservation system, ideal maceration period (standing time) and optimum yield values. Through carefully controlled processes we strive to use the minimum amount of preservative whilst maintaining the maximum level of preservative efficacy.

We can match extracts, so if you have been sourcing them from another company we will replicate them exactly. We can create smaller and more regular batch quantities allowing for fresher ingredients and a more efficient, cost-effective supply. We also offer the opportunity to produce in line with specific batch size requirements to reduce stock holding.

As well as creating single plant extracts, we are experts in producing highly specialised, individually tailored blends, adding to the range we can create for you.

Working together

Because we also run highly successful cosmetic development laboratories and production facilities, we know there is often a conflict between the desire to use exciting innovative raw materials and the commercial reality of expensive materials and large MOQs. We help you find the perfect balance, giving your formulators access to the latest trending ingredients at commercially viable pricing while being adaptable with batch sizes.

We always recommend talking directly to our technical team who will manage your account and assist with adaptations as demand requires throughout the development process. This is the best way of working as it allows them to establish all parameters of your bespoke extract including:

  • Function
  • Location of plant
  • Budget
  • Suggested/preferred preservative systems and/or regulatory restrictions
  • Claim declaration regarding inclusion levels
  • Colour
  • Aroma

In order to avoid development charges for extracts, it is essential that dialogue between client and Jarvis laboratory is frequent and open.

Quality Assured

Our entire range of botanical extracts has been re-developed to remove all paraben preservative systems. We work closely with an international regulatory consultancy enabling us to be fully compliant with current guidelines and aware of forthcoming legislative changes. This allows the development team to seek alternative materials and offer new variants in response to any changes, with minimal disruption to the production process and customer demand.